Hey all you Better Than Pants fans, you may have noticed the site looks and feels a little different than what you are used to. Well, we here at BTP are constantly trying to improve the customer experience, so we have made the site a little smoother and a little quicker than it was previously. We feel you should be able to buy the shirts you want without any hassle.

One of our biggest additions is this blog. We will be updating it frequently so be on the look out for exciting news and updates about the company and the t-shirt industry.

If there is anything you ever need or if you find something that doesn't look quite right on the site please let us know. As stated before we are here to make this the best customer experience possible. Let us know your ideas to help improve the site or any ideas you have for funny and offensive t shirts and we will try and make it happen.

Please direct all your comments/suggestions/ideas here Thanks for your business and being a fan of funny t-shirts!