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Posted 12-20-2016

Hello, my name is Jeremy Adams and I am the head of production here at Better Than Pants. I wanted to make this post to clear the air about what exactly is going on with the large amount of orders that have been significantly delayed. Let me start by saying that I can't apologize enough for these delayed orders. I understand that a lot of those shirts that should have been shipped out were Christmas gifts, and it really tears me up to know that Christmas was worse for several of our customers.

On December 13th at 3am I was notified by members of our night staff that there was a total power failure in our warehouse. Upon arrival I spoke with technicians from our local power company who let me know that significant corrosion in the transformer outside of our shop had caused the neutral line to fail, thus sending an extremely large current through our equipment.

While all of our printing equipment is shielded by surge protectors this did not do enough to stop the complete destruction of all computers and all DTG machines ("DTG" or direct-to-garment machines are huge printers that print directly on clothing)we currently use to print shirts in our workspace.

Once I determined all of our equipment was effectively fried, I contacted our web development team and had them take down all Christmas guarantees on the site. I messed up, I mistakenly assumed we would be able to use alternative printing methods, and get replacement equipment in quickly enough to where most everyone would receive their order in time for Christmas. This was a huge mistake in judgement, and I should have immediately had our web developers add a notice to the site that orders would not ship in time to arrive for Christmas. I am deeply sorry that I didn't handle this situation better.

Our entire production team has been working overtime getting orders out using much slower methods than our usual DTG machine printing. I ordered replacement equipment the day of the disaster, and unfortunately it didn't arrive until several hours ago. I have just finished setting up all of our new equipment and I am pleased to say that we are now back to full printing capacity and we are processing orders as quickly as possible.

I have had an enterprise level surge protector installed on our line prior to our circuit box to prevent something like this from happening again in the future. In addition I approved the purchase of redundant printing equipment so in the unlikely event that we have another disaster we won't be crippled by not having our full disposal of printing methods. Finally I have drafted a new emergency plan, which includes sitewide alerts, and contacting of customers with processing orders when and if there is an outage that could affect their order date.

I know that none of this matters, and all that does matter is that you didn't receive your order in a timely fashion. I hope you will accept my sincere apology, and consider giving us another chance in the future.

Jeremy Adams

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