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    About Better Than Pants

    We created Better Than Pants because we were surfing the web one day and realized that most t-shirt companies sold lame, low quality t-shirts and we knew we could do better. Every one of our shirts are printed on high quality cotton and is designed by either us or our loyal viewers! We want to always have the very best designs so if you think you’ve got a good idea, let us know. If we use your idea, we’ll pay you cash. It’s probably the easiest money you’ll ever make.

    We get asked all the time what our name means. When we were registering our domain for this business, every domain we could think of that had "tshirts" in it was taken. So we decided to think outside of the proverbial box. If the clothes on your body had to compete for what was funniest we think that t-shirts would win every time. When was the last time a pair of pants made you laugh? So at that moment we realized that our t-shirt were better than pants. I suppose we could have went with better than socks instead, but we have seen some funny socks that give our t-shirts a run for their money.

    What makes us different than the other funny t-shirt sites? There’s nothing worse than finding a t-shirt that you really like but hating the color or the type of shirt it comes in. That’s why on every one of our designs you can choose from 11 different styles, 11 different colors, and in sizes up to 5XL. Sure that makes more work for us since we have to custom print every shirt ordered, but it’s worth it because our customers get their shirts exactly how they want them.

    If you have any questions or comments please email us. Also, if you send us a picture of you or one of your friends in our shirts and we post it on the site, we’ll send you $50. Always remember, when you're looking for high quality funny t-shirts you can always trust the Better Than Pants brand. Thank you for visiting and we appreciate your business!