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Here is a small sampling of the hate mail we receive

Name: Kevin
Comment: Hello, webmaster. A concerned friend of mine emailed me one of your shirts. The Peta shirt to be exact. When I first clicked the link in the email I was excited to see this shirt. But then I realized how awful it was. My friend and I are both vegans. We do not believe in the torture of animals for pleasure. This shirt has really made me upset. I'm sure it breaks some laws. I am sending it to the real PETA now. I hope you get sued. I hope they make you take it down. I hope you have to pay them a lot of money. You are murderers. Animals you eat did nothing wrong. They are innocent creatures.

Name: Anonymous
How dare you try and promote your tee shirts to kids. As an adult I have always found your site very funny and even am an active customer. But your kids section is grotesque. What parent would buy these for their kids? You take offensive shirts and put them on youth sizes and even onesies? Who does that?

Name: Your site is Stupid.
Comment: Who cares about football or any sport for that matter? This new draft shirt about Jesus is just stupid. Football is gay, ooooo a bunch of gay dudes hitting and tackling each other. Why do you sell these stupid sports shirts? I thought you were suppose to be funny and offensive?

Name: Mary V.
Comment: To Whom it May Concern,
I am currently a Physical Education teacher at an elementary school and we try and promote participation rather than competition. I am not a fan of the Me Beating You shirt you have on your site. When competition is promoted (especially among young people), it leads to disappointment, which leads to kids feeling a sense of failure. Do we want our young people to feel like a failure or feel that they have accomplished something by trying and participating? Think about that...

Comment: Hey BTP way to get original by adding another lame Christopher Walken shirt I am so sick of this piece $hit! Oooo he talks all slow and stupid people imitate him. Hes such a lame and boring actor and now you "honor" him with another dumb shirt You guys need to step it up and get creative. WTF idiots!

Name: Susie Comment: How can you dance all over that poor little girl's grave?!?!?! You glorify a situation where a woman gets off with murder, the murder of her poor child and profit off of it. This is a new low, even for you guys. This woman killed her daughter and got away with it. Where is the justice for Caylee? There isn't any! And now you make a tshirt poking fun at the situation? What is worng with our society when we glorify the trial and plaster this woman all over the news like a celebrity. Now she will go make her millions and millions of dollars with movies and books. I hope and pray she asks God for forgiveness and realizes the errors of her way.

Gay divorce?. I sure as hell don't support gay marriage and I wouldn't support gay divorce either! If your gonna let em get married, then force em to stay together is what I say. Make them suffer through a miserable marriage like the rest of us! Gay marriage should be illegal across the whole USA, these states that are allowing it are crazy stupid. Them gays can choose their lifestyle but they shouldnt be allowed to choose to be married with it... What's next marrying animals?

Comment: It was my thought, that you have a real neat website,...This T-shirt just blew that!!!!!!!!!!! You`ve just lost a customer, UNLESS you discontinue the Wet DreamsT-shirt......!

Name: Rita Winter Comment: I would have order several t-shirts, but the hitting the cat in the head with a hammer is really a turn off and just isn't funny. So no order to you. Very poor taste, stupid people would do that, are you STUPID? YES!

Name: Concerned Woman Content: I am keeping my name and organization anonymous, but needed to write in after someone showed me your Battered Women shirt. I work with abused women everyday and see the pain and suffering these women go through, it is appalling that you would make light of a topic such as abuse. On top of that the shirt is absolutely disgusting referencing that disgusting sex act. You should be ashamed of the things you are spewing on your website!

Name: Brad H. Location: Rochester Hills, MI Went to the bar wearing my If you aint white shirt that i just got from you guys. After a couple hours I left with my buddies and we are all jumped! Needless to say I won't be wearing this shirt again! Let this be a warning to you guys, you need to take this off your site ASAP! Anyone who wears this is at risk!!!

Hey guys, I gotta say I used to be a big fan of your site and your shirts, I even own 5 different shirts from you guys, the most recent purchase being your "Most Offensive Shirt in the World". Of course everyone loved the shirt when I got it, but it led to some pretty bad stuff. I wore the shirt out with my pals and next thing I know I was being arrested. Some dumbass bar owner didn't appreciate the humor in the shirt and called the cops. The cops said it was public indecency then they hit me with public intoxication and I had to spend the night in jail! Now I gotta pay some laywer a bunch of money and go to court. Just wanted to let you guys know I blame you for all this mess Im in and because there is no disclaimers about jailtime Im talking to my lawyer about a lawsuit, so be ready to pay for this! -Bobby K.

To Better Than Pants: I wore my new "Mykoc" hoodie when I went to pick up my girlfriend last week. It wasnt good. Her dad answered the door I didn't think he was gonna get it, but after a second he got it. He's old and doesnt have a sense of humor. Now in order to see my girl I have to sneak around because he called my rents and they know shes not suppose to come around anymore. PLUS they took my hoodie away that I bought with my own cash. WTF dudes this sux!

White America harassed Jackie Robinson when he first played in the baseball big league. White America harassed Jack Johnson when he boxed. Whites would not let blacks play on their golf courses but Tiger Woods proved to be the greatest golfer ever. White America has opposed everything Black Americans have done but.... we have excelled and proven White Americans wrong every time. President Obama is cleaning up the mess left from 8 years of the Bush Administration. He is opposed but he has proven he is a lot smarter then the average guy and he is doing a great job. History will prove that.

Fuck you Honkies, Death to Tea party Faggots

screw racist Arizona- you dont own the nation and you dont speak for the nation, the tea party losers need to get a job.

all of you go back to where you came from...it is a disgrace....i hope you are not chritians...because thast is not what christiaans di...maybe natzis..& racist....

Your site is horrible. Do you really believe the slogans on your shirts? you make me sick.

Any company, or person trying to profit by castigating the governing party -- endorsed by a large majority of voters -- and our President ; obviously catering to the most uninformed and misled part of the population , is campaigning in opposition to its own best interests and may well receceive negative benefits from those who pay attention to those choosing to be an enemy of the changes necessary for the future well being of our nation.

Do you have republican picture toilet paper. I would like to wipe my ass with the face of an inhumane ignorant liar when I wake up in the morning.

Hey BTP: Your shirts aren't funny, they are nasty!

You're shirts are fucking stupid. We finally get a president who gives a shit about average Americans, and this is how you try to make a buck. Pathetic. Sorry Obama can't clean up the shit stains Bush left all over the country in 1 year in office.

U should die about some of the tshirts u put out especially the ones about Obama and the death of MJ. It was proven that he's not a pedofile and ur kids are so ugly who would want them or you anyway! I hope ur whole family dies including ur kids u freak of nature!

Once again we have a cowardly group of hate mongering cowards who ignore the cosmic rule "what goes around, comes around". Stand by, for you ALL, attached to his Better than Pants, will get back double the hate you seek for PRESIDENT Barack Obama.

Fuck all of you right-wing crack pots, and all of your synchophant women, too -- OBAMA ' 12. Hey aggreived white male, put that in your pipe and fucking smoke it!!!!!

I hate to burst your bubble, but you guys are lightyears ahead of the other tshirt sites you copied from. The battered women shirt is not even remotely funny by the way, nor are any of your other shirts.

You guys have some really xenophobic, anti-immigrant t-shirt designs. Fuck your company. I hope you feel the strains of our conservative-weakened economy.

You need to edit the first sentence of your "About Us" page. Your designs are just as lame as every other company out there.

I was about to buy one of your t-shirts until I saw the shirt that read "a cat blinks when hit with a hammer".You should be ashamed. Animals possess no feelings of malevolence; they only try to survive. To wield power over a harmless creature is a sign of mental illness. Lose the shirt and I'm sure you'd get more business, maybe even mine.

these are some of the dumbest shirts ever. whats the deal with insulting mexicans and people from west virginia? being mean is not the same thing as being funny. re-arranging words and phrases is not the same thing as being witty

I can appreciate off-color humor, but you lost my business with the blatantly racist ones...

Some of your t's are actually a bit offensive. Funny and even a little contrived is great, but some of these are cruel and inhumane. (animal cruelty and racism are not funny) Not a respectable method for making money. You actually lost my business as a result.

Greetings :

I just was looking at your web page and was all ready to place an order until I scrolled down to the bottom and saw the "cat hit with a hammer" t-shirt . How can you be so insensitive to sell a shirt with such a cruel and ignorant message on it ? Don't tell me its all in fun . I've had pet cats killed by people that have the same amount of intellegence as whoever it was that thought up the idea for that shirt . So , thanks , but no thanks . I won't be doing business with ignorant , mean spirited people like yourselves .

Hi, I was wondering what city you call home? The quarter to go back to Mexico t-shirt leads me to believe that you live in a city that does not include Latinos. Most Latinos are working class, not begging class. Sure there are some beer-addicted exceptions, but that is true with all ethnicities. You see, where I live (Oregon) all the people, young and old, that are begging for money are white. So, maybe you should also make a shirt that say, "If I pay for your beer, will you go back to Ireland."

-Annoyed Human in Ignorant States of America

The half naked woman on your site is very offensive. We all should believe in equal rights. Not that one gender is the exploitable property or another. Surely you can find a more sophisticated way to sell shirts.

people who wear your shirts should be shot. People who sell them should be tortured first.

Dear Administrators of Better Than Pants,

Why did you even concieve to make such a product? Even though it may only be a shirt even that is enough to influence general society, it has the power to twist society and bring it even further down into choas. You are twisting the sexual views of today's generation and perhaps forever ruining the planets morals. You are twisting the moral views of an entire generation which will only result in choas. You are twisting teenagers views of respect, honor, and disipline. You are only damaging society by spreading you filth around the globe!!! I speak for all society when I say you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Stop selling rebelious and dishonoring products!!!

From a Christian who believes in the preversvation of society, An unknown soldier for the people...

SUBJECT: YOU SUCK! Your shirts suck. I would never buy such a stupid shirt like the monstrocities that you have on your site. Good luck with getting no orders!

SUBJECT: Better Than Pants (Very Important) I would like to talk to the owner of Better Than Pants immediately. My son was viewing your page and luckily I happend to walk by the computer while this was occuring. I am a Christian and so is my son. This kind of filth and pornography is what makes the internet dangerous for young boys and girls as well as the immature adults. If this kind of content wasn't available on the internet maybe the world would be a better place and safer. Please contact me as soon as possible. Once again, I would like to talk to the owner immediately. ~ Nicole

To Whom It May Concern:

I was recently shown your "Funny" t-shirts by a friend of mine. After browsing the shirts on your site I found most, if not all of them to be offensive and in distaste. How anyone gets the nerve to make a product as repulsive as these shirts is beyond me. Do you have any sales?? I didn't think so… because anyone who would wear a shirt as nasty as these would be degrading themselves and those who associate with them. I really hope this site makes zero sales and will be shut down soon!!! Again these shirts are disrespectful, degrading, and repulsive!!!!!

With Love, Mike Kimble

You should be ashamed of yourselves and anyone affiliated with you should be ashamed of themselves. Your tshirts are immoral and are polluting the Internet. Just like pornography and all of that kind of filth, you are basically demonstrating the same ignorance and poor taste. I hope to see your web site closed and your owners in jail soon!!

You are going to hell. Really! You stupid disgusting fucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen up you pieces of trash. You are a burden on society. The only customer's that you probably have are the young children that don't even understand the meaning of most of your tshirts. The shirts are insulting to women, but of course you know that and totally support that fact. A DISGRACE! Karma is a bitch and you'll get what you have coming to you. Wait and see!

I see your advertisement all over the web and must say that you are wasting your money. No one can actually be buying your tshirts, especially for Christmas. Christmas is suppose to be a Religious Holiday and yet you disgrace it by selling your tshirts and promoting them for this holiday.

Not a Customer,

Hello, I make t-shirts myself and I don't have to ruin young minds and exploit sex and females to sell them. I run a completely Christian t-shirt shop and our t-shirts are tasteful and funny. I guarantee that you can come up with more friendly ideas that will sell just as well.

You guys are obvious idiots! Who would buy these tees? If I see anyone in my area wearing one of your tshirts I will seriously hurt them for being so dumb just like your web site. 8===D in your mouth!!!!!!

These tshirts are sucky. Why don't you do something constructive with your talents.


SUBJECT: Stupid...

Your tshirts are not offensive and do not even make sense. I don't know what your demographic is but I must be out of the loop with todays youth because I can't even figure out what your shirts are about. Shocker? Pearl Necklace? Team Ramrod? What the fuck is that?

You might have a customer if I could understand your designs!

Great! Another funny shirt company. Very original guys...about 100 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUBJECT: Problem with your Products

For my sons birthday, he requested a teeshirt from your site. After a quick once over, we chose the shirt at the top "Mike Hawks Taxidermy". My son wore this shirt to school, and was suspended, only then did I find out the "Double Meaning" you have hid in your shirts. "My Cock Taxidermy" "I'll Stuff Your Beaver" very mature. I am going to sue you, and I want you to put up a page that explains the meanings of all your shirts to us "less hip" parents who happen to wonder onto your smut peddling website. Also I want you to pay for my son to go to private school until his suspension is lifted, as I do not think he knew the meaning of the shirt either (He is only 11). My husband thinks this is one big hilarious joke, but I assure you that I will proceed with any means possible to have people like you who sell shirts with secret filthy messages to children locked up in a jail cell for a long time.

Hiding sinful subliminal messages in shirts it's not a proper way to do business, sir.

-Lara from Pittsburgh